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Advantages of Visiting Tropic Options in Person

  • We pay your sales tax!
  • No shipping and handling charges!
  • Save Money with our Show Specials!
  • Learn about the origin of your selection (artist family, village, tribe) and include the piece-specific information with your gift. Gift recipients LOVE and appreciate the personal touch that makes your gift to them so very special.
  • See exactly how our unique pieces fit, look and feel on you before you buy.
  • Experience something out-of-the-ordinary! Visit gem, bead & jewelry shows, powwows, musical events and festivals that you normally wouldn’t even know about.
  • Get gift recommendations from an expert with LOTS of experience selling first-hand to a huge variety of picky people.
  • Be among the first customers to see & hand-select merchandise from new shipments!
  • Get direct access to exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces that are never repeated.
  • Take advantage of new sample introductions, closeouts, and limited-edition pieces.
  • ‘Animal Adoptions’: Come pick the creature that most warms your heart in person. Believe me, they will ‘speak’ to you! Come experience the art and magic of the animal kingdom for yourselves.
  • ‘Shop by Phone’ and ‘know before you go’. Simply shoot and send photo(s) to whomever, to see what they want you to bring home to them, what you want to buy yourself in the future, or what you want someone else to buy for you.
  • Make notes on your take-home ‘Wish List’ so others know what you’d like them to get you next holiday (especially helpful for gentlemen buyers, ladies).
  • Bring your friends and family -- ‘spy’ to see what they would love to receive from you - then treat them with the ‘guaranteed-to-delight’ surprise on their next important occasion.
  • Remember to bring outfits and your other accessories with you to match them up with our jewelry so we can put your ‘total look’ all together.

See Shop Collections for a sneak preview of some of the many lovely options we provide our happy customers.

If you haven’t already, sign up for our E-MAILING LIST now and visit our Calendar page periodically so you don’t miss out!