Tropic Options offers you the largest selection of MAYAN BEADWORK you will ever see and is hand-crafted by talented indigenous Mayan women in the highlands of Guatemala . Our line is very special, yet affordable. Products are woven entirely with Czech glass seedbeads and incorporate crystals, semi-precious stones and pearls from all over the world.
Since 2002, we have fostered entrepreneurial micro-enterprise development and proceeds from our sales have created economic opportunity for hundreds of native families while also creating jobs here in the United States. Our standards of practice are far beyond Fair Trade as we advance working capital at NO interest, unlike traditional microloan programs.

Delight your senses with fun and fabulous jewelry and accessories in rich and exciting textures and color combinations. Glass beads, crystals and semi-precious stone creations are entirely handmade by Mayan women of the Guatemalan highlands. Tropic Options is introducing many exclusive designs that you have never seen and will not find elsewhere. Treat yourself and your friends to one of these treasures today.

RETAIL CUSTOMERS: Our on-line ordering system is currently under construction, but you may view our products and send us an email when you want to place an order or ask questions. We invite you to check our Event Calendar and come visit us to see the entire Tropic Option Collection in person or email us to see who is selling our products in your area.


  • Please use our codes when ordering items.
  • All items are handmade and can vary from piece to piece.
  • Orders can be emailed to:
  • We will contact you about delivery times & availability depending on what you have selected.


Qualified Wholesale Buyers

Do you resell in retail stores, resorts, museums, catalogs or websites?

We have proven products that have been tested extensively, providing first-hand knowledge of what sells into a variety of markets. Please call us to discuss your particular color and style preferences, type of market, customer and price-points you seek. We are happy to make recommendations to insure your best chance for success with our line.

We will include some background with your order for your salespeople to share with interested customers. Let us know if you want to post information so we can customize  your signage with your store name.

ORDERING INFORMATION: Our on-line ordering system is currently under construction but you may view our products. Please note that all prices shown on website are retail. Orders can be emailed to:

You are also welcome to call us at 408-294-5544 (California) to place orders. If you leave a message, please be sure to include your company name, phone number and Time Zone, so we have all the information needed to return your call. We sincerely appreciate your business!

  • Please use our codes when ordering items.
  • All items are handmade and can vary from piece to piece.
  • Every product takes time to produce so we can let you know what is currently in stock and what’s on its way, as well as any new items and/or special promotions.
  • We will contact you about delivery times & availability depending on what you have selected.

Volume Discounts are available, please call for quotes.
Contract Manufacturing: All custom orders require a minimum and a deposit.
Minimum Order/Reorders: $250 USD/ $150 USD on reorders.
NO minimum per style.
Payment Terms: Credit card or prepaid check on first order. Visa/MasterCard/American Express accepted.
Terms as agreed-upon on future orders.
Shipping: Domestic & US territories by USPS via priority mail (2-3 days) or UPS when practical; International by UPS or your preferred shipper. We ship on payment and on receipt of your resale certificate number.

ON-LINE CATALOG: Wholesale Customers need to register in order to qualify for access to our exclusive Wholesale Catalog (the offerings you see on the site are RETAIL- your prices are 50-70% less!).

You are also welcome to call MaryLea @ 408-294-5544 with any questions, requests and/or to review our line together on-line.

EXISTING CUSTOMERSclick here to log-in and view our catalog. If you would like to save a local copy you can right click the link and choose "save target as" from the menu.

Many thanks again to all of our customers for your interest. It’s our pleasure to help you, and thank you for supporting our talented indigenous Mayan artisans in Guatemala who hand weave this wonderful jewelry for you and your customers.

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